Warming Dead Saga is the fourth episode of Zombieland saga.


As the group's budget is running out, Kotaro makes the girls performs in hot spring resort for a pharmaceutical company, in hopes of a partnership.


With their budget running out, Kotaro sends the girls to perform at a hot spring resort in Ureshiro to earn a sponsorship deal with a pharmaceutical company.

After taking a sightseeing tour and discussing their goals as idols, the girls discover that the skin patches they are promoting are effective at loosening their stiffened muscles, which they use to good effect during their performance.

Later that night, Sakura, Saki, and Junko sneak into the hot springs against Kotaro's instructions, only to be spotted out of their human disguises by the pharmaceutical company's president, terrifying her and resulting in the girls losing the sponsorship deal.


Kotaro's diary synopsis

They ended up naming their group "Franchouchou" without my permission. The role of group leader was thrusted onto Saki's shoulders. It seemed like a good idea that I deliberately made myself known as the producer. Speaking of which, it's not a bad idea that they ended up operating more independently. Now these lazy, chatterbox zombie idols are getting into it a bit, they can start earning their keep. We'll go to the hot springs to hit a business deal. Hopefully, the secret that these girls are just zombies with makeup won't leak out, or everything's done.