Saki Nikaidō
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The golden ponytail zombie with a sharp glare.

She's the kamikaze leader of Dorami, the legendary biker gang team that conquered Kyuushu. A self-respecting delinquent who threatens others with "you wanna die?", but will befriend anyone with guts. While she used to be obsessed with Tamagotchi when she alive, but it always turned out to be an Oyajitchi.

Nikaido Saki (二階堂 サキ) was formerly a biker who conquered the entire Kyushu (九州 Kyūshū) with her biker gang Dorami. She's currently the leader of Franchouchou. She died in a game of Chicken against a rival Biker Gang driving over a cliff.

She is titled as the Legendary Kamikaze squad leader (伝説の特攻隊長 Densetsu no Tokkō Taichō)


Saki has long blonde hair with orange and green highlights pulled into a high ponytail. Her bangs are mostly swept to the left with a single orange highlight. Like the other zombies, Saki has blueish-grey skin and red eyes, along with scars on her left cheek, left arm and right leg, as well as bandages covering her torso, upper left arm, entire right arm,and left leg. As a zombie, her hair is noticeably messier and duller in color. She does let her hair down while sleeping.

Her casual outfit consists of a maroon and white jacket over a white top and a navy blue knee-length skirt. She also wears her shirt with a red tie. To sleep, she wears a long-sleeved, oversized light blue top with orange pants. As an idol in episodes 1 to 6, Saki wears a golden top with the word "弐" ("two") written on it, along with an orange skirt with white frills. With the use of make-up, she and the other zombies manage to get their skin looking like that of a normal human. Saki, like the others in Franchouchou, also uses contacts to achieve the golden eye color she had as a member of the living.


Saki has a tough and rebellious attitude, calling Sakura a goody-two-shoes, and outright stating that she has no respect for those who don't have guts. However, after a successful performance, Saki takes being an idol very seriously and becomes leader of Franchouchou. Saki also occasionally shows a soft side, as seen in episode 6 where she comforts Ai. When she was alive, she was fond of her Tamagotchi and enjoys going to Drive in Tori.


Episode 1

After their successful death metal performance in a death metal festival, all of the zombie girls regain their senses, she wakes up along with Yugiri.

Episode 2

Saki doesn't like the idea of become an idol to save a city she doesn't really care about, and is more concerned about conquering Japan. Saki does end up agreeing to preform, and is impressed with how "alive" she looks with the help of makeup. She doesn't help with the performance, and like the others, lets Sakura go at it alone. She, however, get distracted when Tae's head flies off. While showing it to the crowd, Sakura losses her temper at Saki for not even trying to protect their zombie identity. Sakura's outburst grows into a rap battle, where Saki is taken back by her words. After the concert, Saki comes up to Sakura telling her that she's gained her respect.

Episode 3

Lily suggests that their idol group needs a leader, and Saki steps up to the role.

Episode 4

After going to a hotel with the others, Saki takes Sakura and Junko to a hot spring.

Episode 5

The group gets dragged into making a commercial for a restaurant that Saki was a big fan of when she was alive. After s success, they decided to participate in the Gatalympics, a sports competition Saki seems fairly fond of. However, all of them expect Kōtarō fail.

Episode 6

Saki tries her best as the group leader to comfort Ai and help her make up with Junko after their fight.

Episode 7

Episode 8

Episode 9

Saki stops a public altercation between Franchouchou and the remnants of her former biker gang, Dorami, whose current leader, Maria Amabuki, is challenged by the rival gang Korosuke to a chicken race towards a cliff at Kagamiyama. Maria accepts the challenge in defiance of her mother, Saki's friend and former Dorami boss Reiko Kirishima, who retired from the gang for a normal married life following Saki's death during the same race in 1997. Saki takes Maria's place using Reiko's motorcycle, which she destroys in an explosion after jumping over the cliff a second time. After Saki returns unscathed, Reiko punches and scolds her for her recklessness, regaining Maria's respect. Saki and the rest of Franchouchou celebrate Reiko and Maria's reconciliation by performing an idol concert for both gangs.

Episode 10


  • Saki was revealed to be only 18 when she died in 1997.
  • Her first name, Saki, is written in katakana(サキ), which has no special meaning. However, when written in kanji(咲), it can mean "bloom."
  • Her last name is a name of a clan of Japanese samurai that ruled the Iwase District of Mutsu Province during the Sengoku period during the Kamakura era. The founder was Nikaido Yukimasa and they lived in the Sukagawa Castle.


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