Tae Yamada
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The long, black-haired zombie.

The only zombie out of the seven who is still not fully conscious.  As such, she is the most zombie-like of the group, always trying to gnaw on something. Although Tae only speaks in groans, she seems to be able to understand what the rest of the members are saying to a certain extent.  Because she is driven purely by instinct, Tae always ends up munching on Junko when close.

Yamada Tae (山田 たえ) is a mysterious girl with an unknown past. She's the only zombie who hasn't awakened.

She is just titled as the Legendary Tae Yamada (伝説の山田たえ Densetsu no Yamada Tae).


Tae has long, straight, dark prune hair with two parts slightly sticking out. Her bangs are also straight with one piece sweeping down across her face. Her eyes are also a reddish-brown color.

Normally, Tae has bandages on her neck, chest, head, and upper leg with a loose black dress tied with a white rope. She also supports grey over-the-knee socks with black flats. As an Idol, she wears a long-sleeved purple striped shirt and a violet skirt with white frills.


Tae is the only one of the girls who has not fully regained consciousness, and so has remained a mindless zombie. As such, Tae is unpredictable and driven by pure instinct, doing things such as biting at the other members and launching herself at the crowd. However, she does seem to have some semblance of awareness, being able to at least understand the members to some degree and be cooperative enough to participate in the practices and performances.


Episode 1

After their successful death metal performance in a death metal festival, all of the zombie girls regain their senses excluding Tae, who is still acting like a mindless zombie.

Episode 2

Being the only zombie in the group who hasn't woken up, Tae still remains in her feral state. She is primarily driven by monstrous instinct to bite people.

During the girl's first event at the Saga Castle, Tae takes notice of a whole squid in the audience and immediately moves towards them. Sakura tries to stop her but ends up accidentally knocking off her head, nearly exposing the group's identities as zombies. As Sakura tries defusing the situation, Saki rebuffs her and plays around with Tae head to mock the audience. Sakura eventually gets mad and knocks Tae's head away from Saki, where the two girls fight each other in a rap battle. Tae's head was later reattached to her body as Sakura and Saki verbally fight with each other.

Episode 3

While the other girls focus on training to meet Kōtarō's hasty expectations, Tae lounges around mindlessly. At one point, Tae instinctively chews and sucks on a marker, later causing her to sneeze. The sneeze inspires Lily with an original name for their group and suggests the name "Franchouchou", based on Tae's sneezing fit.

Despite her invisible sloth atmosphere, Tae was still able to train with the girls for their upcoming performance, which ended in bittersweet for everyone.

Episode 4

Episode 5

At the 34th Kashima Gatalympics, she wins a gold medal in the Mud Tarzan Swing

Episode 6

Episode 7

Episode 8

Episode 9

Episode 10


  • Up to the third episode, Tae's voice actress was credited as "???"
  • Tae's hair resembles a squid
  • Tae's favorite food is Squid
  • In Episode 9 Tae chews on Maria's Odango Hair. The former's voice actress Kotono Mitsuishi's breakout role was Usagi Tsukino / Sailor Moon, who actually wore buns in both her civilian and Sailor guise.


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